What types of properties can I list on FlipNerd®.com?

FlipNerd®.com exists to help real estate investors find the hottest deals out there. Because real estate investors don't typically buy houses listed on the MLS and focus their purchases on properties that need a little TLC, consider your audience before listing on FlipNerd®.com.

That being said, the site is currently set up with a focus on single-family, multi-family, and rental-ready properties.

Also, per FlipNerd®'s Terms and Conditions, to list a property you must either:

  • Have full title to the property; or
  • Have equitable interest in the property with written permission from owner of record to market (if permitted in your state); or
  • Be a licensed real estate agent with a valid listing agreement from the seller.

Laws on selling property vary by state, so be sure to check with your attorney to confirm you are adhering to your local and state regulations before listing your property on FlipNerd®.com.


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